What is Zoker?
Official Zoker Whitepaper (v.0.5.2). Changes can be applied during development. Last update: January 22th 2022


Zoker is a Play To Earn and Create To Earn NFT mobile game built on Solana that allows players to experience the Zokerverse.
As a player in the Zokerverse, you can earn cryptocurrency in the following ways:
  • Successfully completing training sessions in Campaign mode.
  • Finishing in the top positions of an Event.
  • Selling players who have been evolved by completing training sessions.
  • Creating training sessions for others to play.

Partnership with the Evolver

To kick off the Zoker ecosystem, a partnership was established with Evolver.
The Evolver Training System is a real-world football training system that is used at a professional level (World Class teams) to train specific game situations and improve player performance.
The system is able to create game situations in order to improve player performance and skills, giving the technical team the ability to decide specific drills and exercise goals.
Zoker has a licensing deal for usage of the Evolver Training System.
The Zokerverse has the end goal of allowing multiple sports training simulations using the same Play to Earn and Create to Earn approaches, and the licensing deal with Evolver is the perfect starting point with a market-proven product that is used worldwide for professional players' training.
Zoker Sports - Now (phase 1) and the near future (phases 2 & 3)

Virtual Reality in the Zokerverse

Zoker will be using VR to further immerse the player in the experience.
At the launch of the Training Session Creator Tool (TSCT), the creator will have access to a VR companion app, in which he will be able to playtest the Training Sessions.
Zoker VR Prototype
VR will be a very important part of the Zokerverse, not only with the companion app for the Training Session Creator Tool (TSCT), but also due to the VR gameplay that is coming in Q1 2023.
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